Ukraine: Euromaidan and Beyond

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Date(s) - Tuesday, June 23, 2015
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

University of Winnipeg

Ukraine: Euromaidan and Beyond.

Ukraine: Euromaidan and Beyond.

On June 23rd, 2015, IIWR-MB and IIWR Global College sponsored a program on the Ukraine: Euromaidan and Beyond.

Myroslav Shkandrij gave an excellent background piece on the Ukrainian Crisis, followed by Oksana Dudko speaking about art after Maidan, then Miroslava Pidhirnyj spoke about what’s happening in Canada and Manitoba, and ending with the role of women in the Euromaidan crisis and it’s after math with Natalia Kuchmenko. Special thanks to Alexandra Shkandrij who organized the presentations, and moderated the program. The situation is serious indeed, and the people in the Ukraine are suffering, yet continuing to struggle for their ideals of democracy, and justice. Maidan really grew out of a frustration with the corruption of the government, but it has developed into a growing conflict in the region.

To see a copy of the background piece, prepared by Miroslav Shkandrij, please click here:  MAIDAN JUNE 23.

To see material referenced in the presentation by Nataliia Obraztsova (Kuchmenko), click here.

And to read more about the role of women during and after Maidan, (Mothers and Daughters of the Maidan:
Gender, Repertoires Of Violence & The Division Of Labour In Ukrainian Protests) click here.