IIWR-MB Values ....

advocacy, inclusivity, sharing,learning, connection, community and peace


Advocating, Educating and Acting for Women's Human Rights

Founded in 2013, The Institute for International Women’s Rights – Manitoba, Inc. builds on the history and work of previous community groups, like UNIFEM and UN Women (Winnipeg Chapter), that worked to support women’s equality and women’s rights, locally and globally. Based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, IIWR-MB is founded to generate education, awareness, and action to promote women’s human rights. Download our information pamphlet, prepared April 2018.

IIWR-MB is a community focused organization, reaching out to diverse individuals and organizations in Manitoba that are working in the general area of women’s rights. We are incorporated as a not for profit organization in the Province of Manitoba.

IIWR-MB is governed by a Board elected annually by the membership.  Membership is open to individuals and organizations.  Learn more about our members and about joining here.

We are separate and distinct from the Institute for International Women’s Rights Global College, (University of Winnipeg) although we work closely together, and IIWR Global College is an Organization Member of IIWR-MB. IIWR Global College’s mandate is to provide opportunities for students for research, learning, dialogue, and action on Women’s Rights in collaboration with groups and organizations within the university, and in the larger community.

Since our first meeting in 2013, we’ve accomplished much!  Follow these links to learn more.

— Our Vision

A world of opportunity, dignity, and human rights actualized for women and girls.

— Our Mission

We are a diverse community promoting awareness of women’s human rights through advocacy, education, and action.

— Our Values


  • Highlighting to the larger community the issues, focusing on women’s rights.


  • Being welcoming, diverse and respectful; having authentic grass roots voices; valuing every one’s contribution.


  • Raising our and others’ awareness and knowledge.

Connection and Community

  • Engaging and supporting multiple communities through education and fundraising.


  • Acting on and promoting non-violence and safety.