The sixty-sixth session of the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) took place in New York, and virtually, from  March 14 to 25, 2022. Representatives of Member States, UN entities, and ECOSOC-accredited non-governmental organizations (NGOs) from all regions of the world are invited to participate. Founded in 1946, the Commission on the Status of Women, also known as CSW, is the biggest global policy-making body dedicated exclusively to promoting gender equality and the empowerment of women. UN Women, as the Secretariat, supports all aspects of the Commission’s work.

As well,  NGO CSW/NY organizes the civil society side of the UN Commission on the Status of Women (CSW). The NGO CSW Forum runs parallel to the official session taking place at the UN Headquarters. This provides civil society the opportunity to engage in the processes and CSW sessions without ECOSOC-accreditation or a UN grounds pass.

Participating in UNCSW is an amazing opportunity for IIWR-MB to contribute to the global dialogue regarding the status of women within the United Nations framework. As an organization (NGO) with ECOSOC status, IIWR-MB can participate in the formal proceedings, the NGO Caucus and the negotiation of the final document, called The Agreed Conclusions. 

It is also provides a platform for meeting with international partners and an opportunity to influence domestic policy as Canada’s Federal Ministers participate at the session.

Commission on the Status of Women 66 Themes

Priority theme: Achieving gender equality and the empowerment of all women and girls in the context of climate change, environmental and disaster risk reduction policies and programmes;

Review theme: Women’s economic empowerment in the changing world of work (Agreed Conclusions) of the sixty-first session.

Criteria to be Delegation Member

Attend at least 5 sessions, in addition to the IIWR-MB delegation preparation sessions and parallel events

Interact with the small delegate team they are assigned to

Provide written contribution to the final report (will need to track sessions attended and key takeaways)

Delegates will have access to Women & Gender Equality Canada events and briefings, Virtual UN tour

IIWR-MB invites members to join the delegation that will be attending the meetings of the CSW (virtually). There are two Information Sessions 

You do not have to be a member of the delegation to attend the parallel events at the NGO Forum. They will be virtual. CSW NGO Forum is open to everyone – at no cost!

You can register here for the CSW NGO Forum.

Attending the CSW, in person or virtually, can be overwhelming, and if you are interested in learning more, sharing knowledge and supporting local efforts, consider joining the IIWR-MB CSW Delegation. The work, pre CSW, during CSW, and post CSW for delegates, will be centered here in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada (Treaty 1 Territory). We understand there will be opportunities for small group discussions, video conferencing, allowing people to talk and share knowledge and strategies about topics of interest during the formal meetings. Being an official delegate of an ECOSOC accredited organization also allows you to participate in Side Events, which are events sponsored by countries and UN Agencies (such as UNICEF/UN Women).

Negotiations on the final document, called the Agreed Conclusions, occurred during the 2 weeks of meetings of the CSW. This is an important formal document, and civil society is involved in the process. As a delegate you can play a role in reviewing the document and having your voice heard. #UNmutecivilsociety #UNmutecsw66.

View the Agreed Conclusions from the 66th Meeting of the Commission on the Status of Women here

As well, IIWR-MB submitted a proposal for a parallel event – and it has been approved! You can be part of the team of support for this event. You can view the recording here

CSW 66 was an opportunity to build community, share ideas and bring people together. 



The sixty-sixth session of the Commission on the Status of Women will take place from 14 to 25 March 2022. It is virtual for most NGO Delegates.

CSW 66, for NGOs, will be virtual. There are many events, and if you sign up to attend the NGO Forum, you can attend however many you want.

The formal meetings of CSW are held in New York,  with most events in the United Nations building.  Parallel events put on by NGO’s from around the world, will be virtual.

The associated costs, if any, are up to each participant. For CSW 66 there will not be the travel and living costs as incurred with previous meetings. 

Parallel Events, sponsored by NGO’s,  are free.

  • if you would like to be involved with the formal proceedings, as part of the IIWR-MB delegation, you need to be a member of IIWR-MB and make a request to
  • generally, support the IIWR-MB team in planning,  and reporting on events
  • commit to contributing to sharing information during the CSW on social media, etc.
  • actively participate in reporting back
  • post your experience attending CSW events
  • maintain active involvement in IIWRMB for at least one year post CSW

Application process deadline is to be determined.

The IIWRMB Board will make decisions on the delegation.  This year there is no limit as to the number of delegates an ECOSOC accredited organization can have. IIWRMB delegates will be chosen  as to willingness to actively participate, and be a member of IIWR-MB.

It is expected many of the formal meetings, as well as the Parallel Events will be shown on the UN TV system, which is available to the public. Anyone can join and participate the NGO CSW Forum.

Parallel Events are organized by NGOs, and focus on specific topics.  IIWRMB has hosted 3 Parallel Events in the past, using a panel format.  The event is a mechanism for local issues to be raised in a global context. IIWR-MB  has been approved to host a a virtual Parallel Event, for CSW 66.

Join the International Initiatives Committee! If you are interested, e-mail us and request an invitation to join the group.

IIWR-MB csw66 Report 2021-2022

Report Prepared by Co Chairs Jessica da Silva and Laura Antymniuk 

Summary of a Report Prepared by Mary Scott, delegate: 

This was the second all-virtual CSWs I attended, although maybe the third, if we include 2000, when the plans to attend were changed, at the last minute (literally the day before we were to leave for
New York!). I found this virtual CSW much better organized in that there was an opportunity to engage with the others to discuss the important concluding document, called the Agreed Conclusions. Another important document that was discussed by NGOs was the Methods of Work, which includes the relationship with NGO’s plus the upcoming themes for CSW67 and CSW68.

There were so many Parallel and Side events this year! I appreciated having the suggested events to sign up for that was prepared by the Co-Chairs. As well as signing up for 5 of them, I also signed up for others and participated in the North America/European Caucus. The Town Hall with the Secretary General, Antonio Guterras was an interesting opportunity.

But the webinar put on by IIWR was definitely a highlight. Well done by the moderator, speakers and

All together I attended 18 events- There was some discussion and dialogue, at caucus meetings, and conversation circles, and a Vienna Café. Some of the points I learned, or relearned –

Climate Change is happening. It is real – stories of drought and flooding. Oceans are rising. Particularly affected are the island states. Parts of Africa. All countries really.

The need for financing to help, adjust to the reality of climate change.

The source of the CO2 emissions which is driving the climate change is coming from the North – the practices of extraction, including forests, is part of the raising of the CO2 emissions.

Women are making a difference, at both the local and regional levels, and thru community work.

Statement submitted to CSW by IIWR-MB, in preparation for the official Meeting

StatementThe Institute for International Women’s Rights – Manitoba (IIWR-MB) acknowledges that Indigenous Peoples’ rights and knowledge systems are critical to developing solutions to the climate crisis and achieving climate justice. Indigenous women are disproportionately affected by the climate crisis yet are powerful agents in the fight to halt it. We must build, support and create platforms for Indigenous knowledge holders, Elders, youth and frontline land and water protectors. We must amplify Indigenous Peoples’ voices to elevate their leadership in climate justice. By providing Indigenous communities and peoples with resources and space, they can inspire a new generation of Indigenous climate leaders building solutions centred around their inherent rights and cultures. Through systems of free, prior and informed consent and self-determination, our work must support Indigenous Peoples, reinforcing their place as leaders in climate change discourse and driving solutions for today and tomorrow.


Recording of the last webinar is here!

Background Documents


As documents become available they will be posted here. Here are some basic resources and background for CSW 66. There were frequent events (mainly virtual) taking place at the UN, here in Canada, and indeed around the world – on the topic of gender equality. We listed some of them on the  IIWR-MB Events Page. Note: CSW/UN events are coloured green.

Check out background information:

IIWR-MB Delegation

IIWR-MB Delegation 2022

Jessica da Silva

Laura Anne Antymniuk

Florence Okwudili

Jessica Peebles

Aimee Tymkin

Meagen Malcolm

Mary Scott

Delegates will be actively engaged in attending CSW 2022 and reporting back to the community.

Global College Bursary

In the past, all students from the Global College at the University of Winnipeg, who have been selected as delegates to CSW have been eligible to apply for a Bursary to assist with costs. As there are no costs now to attend CSW 66, there will be no bursaries awarded.

Parallel Event Panel

Parallel Event Title

A submission to host a parallel event has been made and approved!

Title: Indigenizing Climate Justice: Ancient Wisdom to Tackle Climate Change

To View Indigenizing Climate Justice : Ancient Wisdom to Tackle Climate Change, click here


Elder/Knowledge Keeper: Mary Maytwayashin

Moderator: Renata Mencose

Speakers: Sadie-Phoenix Lavoie, Melissa Hotain and Chantel Henderson