CSW Delegate and Presentation Panelist Youth Chief Ashley Daniels

"I never imagined the opportunity to be presenting internationally. "

IIWR-MB is a non governmental, not for profit agency.  Our work is made possible by the generous commitment of volunteers and the support of donors.

The funding needs for operating the organization are modest, however, IIWR-MB has been able to provide bursaries to  young people attending programs like the Commission on the Status of Women in New York.

Memberships and periodic special events, like the Local to Global Bi-annual fund raiser, are the main source of funding.  However, donations from individuals and organizations are valued and encouraged to expand the reach of support we can offer to empower the participation of youth in making positive changes for women around the world.

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    If you have checked e-transfer, please send it to treasurer@iiwrmb.ca. To mail a cheque , please see the information at right.

    Because IIWR-MB is dedicated to the work of advocacy, we are not a registered charity and we can not give tax credit receipts.

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    Thanks for your support.

    To learn more about how you can get involved, explore www.iiwrmb.ca

    Thanks to those who have contributed to our work. 

    Because IIWR-MB is dedicated to the work of advocacy, we are not a registered charity and we can not give tax credit receipts.


    Major donations to Local to Global can be made here and will be acknowledged during the next event (2022).

    Please contact info@iiwrmb.ca for further information.

    Thanks to supporters for their generosity. When the “in person” Local to Global event had to be postponed and shifted online because of the pandemic, more than 100 ticket holders and major donors donated the cost of their ticket.  This money enables us to advocate for the rights of women locally and around the world.

    For additional information on past supporters visit our membership page.

    Please make cheques payable to IIWR-MB and mail to:

    Institute for International Women’s Rights – Manitoba 971 Corydon Ave.,
    PO Box 273,
    Winnipeg, MB, Canada R3M 0Y0

    IIWR-MB Privacy Policy:

    Personal information collected by IIWR-MB is for the use of IIWR-MB and its members and will not be shared or sold to third parties for any reason.