Forum Conversation – Religion and Family Violence: Understanding the challenges and working for change

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Date(s) - 30/03/2020
1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Canadian Mennonite University - South Campus

Breaking the Silence on Domestic Violence in partnership with CMU and MHC invites you to take part in the Forum Conversation on Religion and Family Violence at CMU on March 30. The event opens kicks off on March 20 with Breaking the Silence on Domestic Violence Through Visual Arts Exhibition II at the Mennonites Heritage Centre Gallery. The Art Exhibition will run from March 20th to May 2, 2020.
The Speaker for the forum Dr. Holtmann and her teams use a collaborative, action-oriented approach to research. Cathy’s research program touches the areas of gender and religion, domestic violence, and immigrant women. She has conducted numerous comparative studies with Christian and Muslim immigrant women exploring their experiences of gender roles, domestic violence and social support networks.

The conclusions of the forum conversation should be a starting point for future practical and theoretical work at this nexus. In particular, some of this work should include (1) sustained attention to the important role religious and community leaders play in dealing with issues of violence against women and girls; (2) equipping religious and community leaders and their congregations with the knowledge and resources necessary to support victims, survivors and perpetrators of violence against women and girls; (3) pushing religious and community leaders to think more critically about the structural, societal, and cultural systems that undergird how incidents of violence take place; (4) training religious and community leaders to be mindful of the gender relations and gender roles that play a significant part in instances of violence; (5) meaningful production and sustained engagement with theological and community resources that adequately address issues of sexual and gender-based violence; and (6) maintaining prevention as the chief concern for religious and community leaders and faith communities. For this forum conference, these concluding points offer a viable way forward in shifting perceptions and perspectives on faith and sexual and domestic violence.