Her Voices, Her Journey: The Gendered Experience of Rohingya Women


7:00 am - 8:30 am

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This webinar brings together a panel of Rohingya women in various fields of expertise to share their observations on the gendered experiences of Rohingya women through genocide, mass atrocities, and lives as refugees. The event seeks to explore and understand the effects of human rights violations, gender disparity, and inequality that manifest in different forms for survivors of mass atrocities. The systematic oppression in Myanmar against the Rohingya community as a whole has a lasting effect, but what would it mean to tackle the challenges head on as female advocates and leaders. As the first ever Rohingya-women-only panel organized by Rohingya women-led organizations, this is also an occasion to highlight and celebrate the exceptional works done by Rohingya women across the board. The event will feature Rohingya female advocates from Bangladesh, Malaysia, Australia, and Canada.

This event will be the first webinar in the series featuring exceptional Rohingya women, their work, and explore different issues that are relevant to the betterment of the Rohingya society.