Sex Industry Slavery in Present-Day Canada: Protecting Canada’s Youth


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Sex Industry Slavery in Present-Day Canada: Protecting Canada’s Youth
A Brown Bag Lecture and Book Launch with Dr. Robert Chrismas (PACS, University of Manitoba)


Sexual exploitation and human sex trafficking is a multi-billion-dollar international industry that preys on youth. Written and presented in this lecture by PACS Alumnus and veteran police officer, Robert (Bob) Chrismas, Sex Industry Slavery is an impactful read for anyone who wants to know more about this serious Canadian problem.

Many young women are coerced into oppressive relationships in the sex industry, often starting in childhood. There are numerous barriers and challenges for children who are vulnerable to exploitation as well as for survivors striving to leave the sex industry; however, there are also many opportunities to help them. Based on Chrismas’s award-winning research at the University of Manitoba, this book includes gut-wrenching stories from survivors, social workers, police officers, lawmakers, and activists.

Representing decades of collective knowledge, Sex Industry Slavery presents first-hand perspectives on the problem as well as proposes practical solutions.

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