Solidarity in Sisterhood-Decolonizing the Women’s Movement – A webinar

Solidarity in Sisterhood-Decolonizing the Women's Movement - A webinar


7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

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Solidarity in Sisterhood – Decolonizing the Women’s Movement

IIWR-MB is pleased to present a webinar on the important topic of ways to build solidarity and what that means for the feminism movement The webinar will identify and explore how we can work towards decolonization of and solidarity within the women’s movement. IIWR-MB understands that any feminism that does not address land rights, sovereignty, and the state’s systematic erasure of the cultural practices of native peoples, or that defines native women’s participation in these struggles as non-feminist, is limited in vision and exclusionary in practice.

Solidarity involves a complex process of learning and listening. For us to truly stand in solidarity with Indigenous feminists, for example, we must see our liberation as intertwined with the liberation of Indigenous peoples. We in the women’s movement must find a cohesion that goes deeper than ever before. We must be intentional as we make space for different folks: White, BIPOC, LGBTQIA2S+, people living with disabilities merging fresh voices with the wisdom of longstanding activists to give the movement vitality and dynamism. Because through knowledge, solidarity and action, we can pursue liberation and justice.

Features speakers:

Heather Symbalisty

Marianne Cerilli

Maysoun Darweesh

Sadie-Phoenix Lavoie

Vanessa Tait