The 2021 Canadian Budget & Feminist Foreign Policy


2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

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The 2021 Budget & Feminist Foreign Policy


About this Event

On April 19, the Canadian government will release its first budget in two years. We’ve lined up five foreign policy experts to share their quick reactions on what the budget says – or fails to address – in the fields of environment, trade, aid, defence and diplomacy. The panellists will also briefly reflect on what the implications are for Canada’s Feminist Foreign Policy, to be followed by a Q&A period.


Diana Rivington enjoyed a long career at the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA). She is a former member of the Equality Fund Board and the Independent Review Committee of GAVI.


Gauri Sreenivasan is Policy and Campaigns Director at Nature Canada, where she advocates on issues of biodiversity, climate and equity. She worked for many years also on international cooperation, trade and human rights policy and on Parliament Hill.

Topics and Speakers


Laura Macdonald is a Full Professor in the Department of Political Science and is a member of the McLeod Group.


Stephen Brown is Professor of Political Science at the University of Ottawa and a member of the McLeod Group. He has published widely on foreign aid, including Canada’s.


Bianca Mugyenyi is the Director of the Canadian Foreign Policy Institute ( She is an author and former Co-Executive Director of The Leap.


Peggy Mason is a former Canadian Ambassador for Disarmament to the UN and, since 2014, is the President of the Rideau Institute on International Affairs.


Angela Keller-Herzog is a former Green Party Candidate and Co-coordinator of CAFES.

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