IIWRMB Delegation Attending Meetings of the Commission on the Status of Women

On International Women’s Week, there will be a delegation of 28 members of IIWR-MB in New York, attending meetings of the Commission on the Status of Women, at the United Nations.

And on March 9th, the delegation will be presenting a Parallel Event, Canada’s Unfinished Business: Tomorrow’s Change Makers – Beijing +25.

The delegation will be sending back frequent reports back to the community – blogs, facebook, twitter and Instagram, so everyone can follow along. Watch NEWS for updates.

A bit of background: The 64th meeting of the Commission on the Status of Women will be a significant one as it is the 25th Anniversary of the 4th World Conference on Women, held in Beijing, China in 1995. Commitments were made by the world powers at that time, in a document called the Platform for Action. How well has the world done since that time? And what is needed to move forward.?

IIWR-MB has ECOSOC status with the United Nations, so we will be one of many voices speaking out, and listening.

See more here: https://iiwrmb.ca/2020-2/