Photo of Meara House

Meet Meara: Introducing our first practicum student!

Hi everyone! My name is Meara House and I’m a third-year student at the University of Winnipeg majoring in Criminal Justice and Political Science. I am going to be doing a placement here at the IIWR-MB. A bit about me would be that I’m a queer 20-year-old vegan that games a lot in her spare time.

I’m looking forward to working with IIWR-MB for quite a few reasons, as I have always had a passion for human and animal rights, but in the past few years I’ve become more aware of the inequalities that women face all across the globe. I believe that the key to solving so many of our social problems starts with true equality for women everywhere. I’m interested in a lot of different areas of advocacy, but my goal with doing a CJ degree is to work with child victims of sexual assault. With my Political Science background, I hope to help craft stricter laws for perpetrators as my experience with the system has showed me we are in a dire need for that. 

I chose the IIWR-MB specifically also because of the work that you have done with the UN for Indigenous women as that is another area that I’m extremely passionate about. Canada’s treatment of Indigenous women to this day is still inexcusable and quite horrifying in many aspects and I hope to help us create genuine change by amplifying Indigenous voices. 

In general, I’m hoping to use my time here to learn more about the process behind advocacy work and gain experience in all the different areas this organization deals with.

If you want to get in touch, my email is: