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The Institute for International Women’s Rights – Manitoba is a not for profit corporation (Manitoba) without share capital founded to deliver public education and information-sharing among members and their respective networks to support educational, economic, social, legal and health opportunities to increase respect for and implementation of the human rights of women, girls and gender-diverse people locally and globally, in consultation and cooperation with other organizations dedicated to promoting gender equity, including global health, peace and security in conflict zones and post-conflict reconstruction areas.

We believe in transparency as a board and as an organization so share the following Constitution, Bylaws, Annual Reports and Financial Statements. We have an annual Professional Review done of the IIWR-MB finances.

Content on this site includes that generated by IIWR-MB and that which has been legally and respectfully reproduced from other sources.  Text and photographs may be reproduced for non-commerical uses without explicit permission, but attribution is expected, and any adaptation must be indicated. Exceptions to this policy are text and photographs credited to a source other than IIWR-MB, over which IIWR-MB holds no rights to grant permissions.   If in doubt, please contact us.  Our goal is to disseminate information to improve the lives of women and girls around the world and if you are interested in assisting us with that we want to facilitate your efforts.  Thanks.

Personal information collected by IIWR-Manitoba is for the use of IIWR-Manitoba and its members and will not to be shared or sold to third parties for any reason.

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