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Volunteer Opportunites

IIWR-MB is looking for Board and Officer members, to be elected at the upcoming Annual General Meeting, March 3rd, 2020. Interested? For more information, check out Nominating committee.

Contact us to learn about other current Volunteer Needs or if you have a particular gift you would like to share.

IIWR-MB Youth Council Seeking Members


The IIWR-MB Youth Council comes as a response from many of the organizations youth who have expressed the need and desire for a safe space for youth to engage in dialogue. Many youths have expressed the discomfort and hesitancy to use their voices and share their opinions and views in environments with many people, particularly if they are new to such environments. The council aims to provide youth with a safe, respectful, and inclusive space where they can share their views and opinions.  

Dialogue Sessions

The IIWR-MB Youth Council will offer circle discussions to youth who are interested. The schedule for these circle discussions will be determined based on a poll conducted with youth members from the organization. The main discussion point will be based on a predetermined topic that will be presented to youth members in advance. The topic discussed will be based on current local and international human rights topics

Social Media Platform

There will be IIWR-MB Youth Council specific social media created. A closed Facebook group which will be monitored by the VP Youth will be an open space for youth to engage in dialogue with one another, share stories, share the work they are doing within their community, etc. Those participating in the space will be expected to engage in respectful dialogue with one another and ensure the goal of a respectful and inclusive space is being adhered to.

Youth in Focus Program

The Youth Highlights feature will feature an individual or group of youth activists or changemakers. The individual or group of focus can be either lobal or global. Their work will be highlighted via the youth social media platform(s). The area of focus of the individual or group may also be highlighted through local activities organized by IIWR-MB to help advocate and educate on key human rights issues within the local community.   

Registration Process

For administrative purposes, youth interested in the IIWR-MB Youth Council will be required to submit a registration form to the VP of Youth. (See form in the column to the right.) By registering they will be sent an invitation to the Facebook group and added to the IIWR-MB Youth mailing list. The council is open for those between the ages of 16 and 30. In the future, should any travel be involved with IIWR-MB or the Youth Council, members will only be able to do so if they are a minimum of 18 years of age.

Social Media Platform

If you have any questions please contact the VP of Youth and Local Initiatives at youth@iiwrmb.ca    

Download a copy of the Youth Council information here.

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Please note: to be a member of the Youth Council you must be a member of IIWR-MB. Visit https://iiwrmb.ca/on-line-membership/ to become a member.


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