IIWR-Manitoba is governed by a board of volunteers elected from the membership at the Annual Meeting.

Board Members 2016-2017  elected at the Annual Meeting, October 20th, 2016   (see photo)

Co Chairs: Nancy Cosway & Florence Okwudili
Secretary: Charlene Desjarlais
Treasurer: LeAmber Kensley

Board Members:
VP Administration: Christine Williams
VP Diversity: Nawal Tajdin
VP Youth: Dana Connolly

Chair, Advocacy: Angeline Rivard

Jan Christie
Ellen Judd
Rosemary K-Kezaabu
Frances Molaro
Alyssa Mariani
Leona MacDonald

Marilou McPhedran
Anita Neville
Hazel Perrie
Mary Scott
Hilary Taylor

Former Boards

2015-2016 Board (Click for more information)

2014-2015 Board (Click for more information)

2013-2014 Inaugural Board (Click for more information)