Volunteer Board and Committees

shaping the work of IIWR-MB

Implementation of the 231 Calls for justice within IIWR-MB

In recognition that ending gender-based violence requires the full implementation of the 231 Calls for Justice of the Final Report from the National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls, and in light of the 16 Days of Activism, the IIWR-MB Board of Directors would like to share our ongoing work to implement the 231 Calls for Justice, gaps we have identified, and idea’s for how to address them.

We recognize that we are nothing without the support and guidance of our community and welcome guidance in this process. We invite you to read our report and share comments, feedback, or questions you may have. You may do so by reaching out to info@iiwrmb.ca or any member of the Board of Directors.

Progress on the Implementation of the 231 Calls for Justice – December 7, 2021.

IIWR-Manitoba is governed by a board of volunteers elected from the membership at the Annual General Meeting. Membership in IIWR-MB is open to all people and organizations supportive of gender equity. 

Board 2023-2024


Co-Chairs: Angela Earl and Micaela Crighton  

Secretary: VACANT

Treasurer: Camila Navarro

VPs & Committee Leaders

VP Administration: Christine Williams 

Co-Chair VPs International Initiatives: Jessica de Silva and Laura Antymniuk

VP Youth and Local Initiatives: VACANT

Chair, Advocacy: Vivienne Ho

Chair, Fundraising: Samantha Therrien

Indigenous Liaison: Renee Yetman 

Chair, Communications: Marley Peters 

Members at Large

Isabelle Hodgson

Meara House




There are many ways for members to make a contribution to the work of IIWR-MB.

We encourage participation by all our members on committees, if they wish, or to represent IIWR-MB in community activities. Examples of committees are the Advocacy Committee, Communications Committee, Diversity and International Initiatives Committee and Youth Council. An example of outside representation would be sitting on the Winnipeg UN Safe Cities Steering Committee.

Visit our Membership page to learn how to become a member.

Everyone is welcome to participate in our programs and events. For more on what is happening, visit our Events Calendar.


Get to Know the Current Board

Angela Earl

Bio coming soon. 

Micaela Crighton

I believe in transformative justice and how we can collectively change the systems around us. I am in awe of the folks I have the pleasure to work with, support, and know through IIWR-MB.

Camila Navarro

I became passionate about human rights after seeing the social inequalities particularly for women in my home country Colombia. I pursued my passion for human rights during my studies at the University of Winnipeg where I pursued a bachelor in economics and a minor in human rights. I'm honored to be surrounded by women who are fierce advocates about human rights. I'm looking forward to what we can achieve for social justice and gender equity in Manitoba.

Christine Williams
VP Administration

The work may be challenging but these fearless people inspire me everyday. Together we can create the change we wish to see.  - Christine 

Jessica da Silva
Co-VP, International Initiatives

I want to be active in the movement that transcends our so called normal, and prioritizes equality, respects all forms of life, and creates a better future for everyone.

Laura Antymniuk
Co-VP, International Initiatives
Empowered women empower women. I am excited to be part of a collective that drives change and promotes equal opportunity for women on a local, national, and international scale. 
VP Youth and Local Initiatives
Vivienne Ho
Chair, Advocacy

Bio coming soon 

Samantha Therrien
Chair, Fundraising
I am driven to become a better community member, by supporting IIWR-MB, and the opportunities for all womxn, and am eager to promote these necessary changes. I look forward to bringing new fundraising ideas forward, while continuing to learn from such a great group myself.
Renee Yetman
Indigenous Liaison

Bio coming soon. 

Marley Peters
Chair, Communications

Marley is a former event planner turned public relations professional who graduated from Red River College in 2019. Her marketing work is focused in the nonprofit space, in both sport and disability services. She is passionate about accessibility both online and off, and actively works towards creating a more inclusive and accessible Manitoba for everyone. When Marley is not working, she finds happiness in expressing her creativity through novel-writing, song-making, and painting.

Molly Karp
Chair, Communications

As a communications professional, Molly has worked across many marketing sectors for both small and international organizations. She has a diploma in public relations from Red River College and a degree in communications from the University of Winnipeg. In 2019, Molly moved to East Africa to work for the Tanzania Midwives Association. From there, she developed a passion for advocating for sexual and reproductive health and rights. She currently manages communications for the International Confederation of Midwives, advocating for midwifery and women and other birthing people on a global scale.

Isabelle Hodgson
Member at Large
Meara House
Member at Large

I am empowered by the strong women who surround me at IIWR-MB, and I am excited to be working with them to create change in our community and across the globe.