Volunteer Board and Committees

shaping the work of IIWR-MB

IIWR-Manitoba is governed by a board of volunteers elected from the membership at the Annual Meeting.  Membership in IIWR-MB is open to all people and organizations supportive of women’s human rights. 

Board 2018-2019


Co Chairs: Nancy Cosway & Florence Okwudili
Secretary: Christine Williams
Treasurer: LeAmber Kensley

Committee Leaders

VP Administration: Christine Williams
VP Diversity: Elizabeth Andrea & Teruni Walaliyadde
VP Youth: Shayne Bloomfield-Wong

Co Chairs, Advocacy: Micaela Crighton & Darci Todoruk


Rosemary K-Kezaabu
Alyssa Mariani
Anita Neville
Sahla Mitchell
Mary Scott
Ashley Daniels

There are many ways for members to make a contribution to the work of IIWR-MB.

We encourage participation by all our members on committees if they wish, or to represent IIWR-Manitoba in community activities. Examples of committees are the Advocacy Committee, Communications Committee, Program Committee and the Event Committee. An example of outside representation would be sitting on the Winnipeg UN Safe Cities Steering Committee. If you are interested in becoming involved on the Board, or on a Committee, please contact us.

Everyone is welcome to participate in our programs and events. For more on what is happening, visit our Events Calendar .

Visit our Membership page to learn how to become a member.


Get to Know the Current Board

Nancy Cosway
I have worked in sub-Saharan Africa for over 20 years and from my view the status and wellbeing of women and girls has only improved to a slight degree. We need to keep working and supporting their initiatives.
Florence Okwudili
To add to to the many voices of women around the world asking for change and better treatment of women especially in the developing countries.
Christine Williams
Secretary, VP Administration
My passion is fueled by the fearless women who surround me. Together we can undoubtedly create the change we wish to see.
LeAmber Kensley
I joined the board as a way to give back to the community and ensure that women the world over have the opportunities that I have been privileged to have.
Elizabeth Andrea
VP Diversity
I am delighted to be in the midst of women and men making a difference. I advocate for equal opportunity for women, for educating girls, for respect of human rights, and equality for the globe
Teruni Walaliyadde
VP Diversity
Growing up amidst a civil war and being witness to atrocious human rights violations encourage me to continue pursuing human rights particularly pertaining to women’s and children’s rights
Shayne Wong
VP Youth

I am inspired by the strong and powerful women I have met both inside IIWRMB and beyond; being on the board I’m part of the conversation about women's rights locally and globally.

Micaela Crighton
Co-chair Advocacy
I believe that by supporting women to breakdown barriers we can make a better world for all. I am in awe of the women I have the pleasure to work with, support, and know through IIWR-MB.
Darci Todoruk
Co-Chair, Advocacy

Being the voice of change isn't a single voice nor a single conversation, I am very proud to be a member of the IIWR-MB Board to be a part of the voice for women's rights.

Mary Scott
Board Member

Attending the 4th World Conference on Women in 1995 helped me to understand the very major challenges facing so many women, globally and locally. We need to work together to make sure our sister's voices are being heard in the halls of power, be it Winnipeg, Ottawa, or the United Nations.

Rosemary K-Kezaabu
Board Member

I serve to advocate for women's rights to equal power sharing, economic benefits and social representation at all levels for a just society.

Alyssa Mariani
Board Member

Because I can't imagine seeing the inequity and acting as though I didn't, I challenge myself to be a partner in advocating for the rights of all, in the hopes of spurring others to do the same.

Anita Neville
Board Member

It is a privilege to be part of a community of women working to raise awareness and reduce the oppression of women locally, nationally and internationally.

Sahla Mitchell

It is a powerful thing when women come together to fight for a better, more just world. I'm proud to be making those changes with the strong women who are part of IIWR-MB.