Protecting human rights during COVID-19


12:00 pm - 1:30 pm

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Protecting human rights during COVID-19 – A Webinar

An interactive panel discussion with the Nordic ambassadors to Canada

Are human rights in danger from the global fight against COVID‐19? The Museum is proud to partner with the embassies of Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland to explore this important question.
Cost: Free registration required
Location: Online program (Zoom)
The interactive program will be held online via Zoom. It includes a panel discussion among four Nordic ambassadors to Canada, as well as an audience Q&A session.
Join us to discuss the perspectives of the Nordic countries on the global response to COVID‐19 and how it is affecting education, gender equality, access to information, and increasing social division. Does the COVID‐19 pandemic threaten to accelerate global trends of democratic backsliding and weakening respect for human rights?
The discussion will be moderated by Vivek Krishnamurthy, who is an expert on human rights challenges in cyberspace as a law professor at the University of Ottawa and director of the Samuelson‐Glushko Canadian Internet Policy and Public Interest Clinic.
This special event is being held in honour of Raoul Wallenberg Day. Wallenberg was a Swedish diplomat and humanitarian who risked his life to save tens of thousands of Hungarian Jews from persecution and death during the Holocaust. He was arrested by Soviet military forces near the end of the Second World War and disappeared. In 1985, Raoul Wallenberg became Canada’s first honorary citizen. In 2001, the Government of Canada designated January 17 as Raoul Wallenberg Day to honour his memory and legacy.
A life‐sized, illuminated image of Wallenberg can be found in the Museum’s “Turning Points for Humanity” gallery – part of an exhibit about Canada’s five honorary citizens. The gallery is devoted to explaining and exploring the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
Please note that this program is subject to change or cancellation.


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