Truth before Reconciliation: Sisterhood, Healing, Inclusion and Love


7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

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Truth before Reconciliation: Sisterhood, Healing, Inclusion and Love

This webinar will provide an unique insight into how to increase social change and gender justice advocacy through community-based solutions to violence, sisterhood, healing, inclusion and love. It is the second in the series of webinars “Intersectionality: Building a Radical Future”.

Violence against women of colour is so normalized in settler society, it even becomes a category of desire in the public consciousness. For that we don’t have to look far. Even in popular so-called homages to our womanhood, violence and sexual degradation saturate the picture.

Decolonization requires us to not only seek rights but reclaim and uphold our traditional roles and responsibilities. It’s about recognizing, naming, and discarding the worldview forced, reinforced, and enforced by this colonial experiment called Canada, and picking up the teachings and practices of our ancestors. It is a call to bring back matriarchy in our communities to rebuild and decolonize the foundation of our community life.

Confirmed speakers:

Elder Mae Louise Campbell and Vanessa Tait. Moderator: Jessica da Silva.

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