Mar 142019
 March 14, 2019
Never imagined to have the opportunity to be presenting internationally. 
So honoured to represent Southern Chiefs Organization Youth.
I am so thankful that Chief Debbie Smith, Chief Karen Batson, Director of Justice Chantell Barker, Wesley Hunter the Youth Empowerment Program Coordinator and my beautiful mother, were there to support me during the UN panel.
Honestly, had mixed feelings about straight up saying these systems Canada created don’t work and are not meant for First Nations people. But it’s our reality. We have to speak the truth

Currently 11,000 children are in care. 90% of them are Indigenous,  if we want change.
Shared in the presentation that: – I am not Canadian. I am First Nations and I can trace my blood line to before Canada was created. So when I think about the social protection system, I think negatively because I know so many stories that these systems don’t work.
  • 2/5 of the children become homeless
  • Over 60% become incarcerated.
  • 48.5% of Indigenous Youth graduate from high school.
  • With in the justice system 82% are incarcerated First Nation Women .
  • It is very evident that these systems do not work for  us (First Nations) and none will continue to.

We must come together in unity for our youth. Even though, the odds are stacked up so high against us youth, we still thriving. We are the definition of resilient.

Let’s be honest, I am just so truly humbled to be able to walk amongst such bad ass youth who continue fighting for change for the future generations.